Dr.Sofea - Clinic Sofea Sec 23 S.Alam

Rawatan yang dijalankan amat sistematik dan teratur. Urutan dan lulur sangat-sangat recommended.

Madam Haizum - Firdieyra Boutique Owner

Tahap kesihatan bertambah baik, lebih bertenaga dan lebih pulih dari hari ke hari. Terapis sangat komited dengan tugasan, selalu beri yang terbaik sepanjang 7 hari rawatan. Sangat recommended.

Madam Roshini - Work at Nestle

Feel very fresh and recovered well. My confinement Pic , Husna make me feel very relaxed and comfortable throughout my 14 day sessions. Overall very-very happy with the services.

pakej pantang

Madam Ifi - Mom of two

I feel refresh and rejuvenate after each treatment. The service is beyond my expectation and I will surely recommend it to my other friends. Kudos Pudina to ensure that all your CL ( I've tried 2 so far ) are experienced , well-trained and pleasant to work with.

I felt better the first day I met Leen. She was comforting and very knowledgeable. She made me feel pampered. I would recommend Pudina Confinement services to others.
Madam Anne
Petaling Jaya
5 Bintang! Badan lebih rasa segar dan ringan. Sangat berpuas hati atas semua servis yang diberikan. Pelbagai tips kesihatan diberi dan boleh diamalkan.TQ
Madam Zulfa
Alam Impian
5 stars! I feel much more refreshed and comfortable. Overall a good services.
Madam Charissa
Petaling Jaya
Body feel rejuvenated and stronger. Exceptional service from the therapist Nisa and Pudina Confinement from beginning to the end. Thank you for the hospitality ๐Ÿ™‚
pakej pantang
Madam Azhani
Seremban 2
I feel refreshed and energized. My body feel stronger and less painful. I absolutely loved the way my therapist treated me. She know what my body needed. Pudina confinement was kind enough to accept late intake and was fast to response to all my inquiries.
postnatal massage
Madam Amy Alponz
5 stars. Feeling of relaxing. Service provided truly satisfied and recommended.
Madam Tulasi

Postnatal Massage & Confinement Care

We accompany moms from various background and races. Confinement care isn’t suppose to be exclusively for specific group of mother only. It’s our responsible to make it available, accessible and most importantly affordable for all postpartum mom to experience it.